Our student support service begins right after student lands in Japan. Firstly, school staff meets newcomers at the airport, guiding them to their future place of stay and school building. After arrival support team also shows arounds and explains main issues of living in Japan, such as location of supermarkets, bill payment, sorting the garbage and so on. 
Also, after arriving, support team helps our students in all the official procedures, such as resident registration, making health insurance card, registration of Japan Post cash card, negotiating the contract with local mobile carriers etc.


Sakitama International Academy provides to students dormitories, partly located in school building, and partly in 5-10-minute walk from school. 
School dormitories consist of 2-person rooms with common bathrooms, toilets and kitchen space, equipped with all necessary consumer electronics and furniture. School also provides futons and bedding sets in free use while living in dormitories. 
All dormitories in SIA have free access to WiFi.

In order to help students to adapt faster to daily life in Japan, all students of SIA are required to live in dormitories at least for the first 6 months. After 6 months, student can choose to move out from dormitory or to stay in there.  
For long-term students, it is required to pay the 6-month rent + deposit, when entering the dormitory. After 6-month period, rent will be charged on month basic. 
Deposit is required when entering the dormitory, and will be returned after living, in case of paying off bills and leaving room without visible damages and non-removable dirt. 

Rent for short-term students includes utility costs, also short-term students do not have to pay deposit. 
Long-term students Short-term students
Amont to be paid when entering
(3-month rent)
JPY 66,000
Deposit (to be paid once) JPY 50,000
Rent JPY 22,000
Rent, including utility costs JPY 30,000 (available in several types of accomodations) JPY 30,000


Sakitama International Academy had set incentive award for outstanding students, based on the following criteria : High attendance rate, JLPT, national university acceptance.


Specific content is as follows

Attendance rate (From entering to graduation)

Honorable award

2-year course

1.6-year course

Attendance rate 100%

20,000 JPY

15,000 JPY

Attendance rate 99%

10,000 JPY

7,500 JPY


Effort award

Honorable award



  Monthly  30,000 JPY


Monthly  10,000 JPY


5,000 JPY


(Japanese or general subject)

Over 200 scores



5,000 JPY

The proposed duration of our bounty will be at the maximum 6 months from passing certificate was issued.(applicable only for student period.)

Certificate, issued before entering courses, is out of subject for honorable award.

Only certificate, which surpasses the level, reached before entering courses, can be a subject for honorable award.

One person can receive any of awards only for one time.

School to advance

Honorable award


National University

10,000 JPY


Incentive award will be temporarily suspended, or canceled if the students (who passed N2 or higher) have the followings :


Bad attitude in class (Assessed by the school’s staff)

Low school attendance rate (97% or less)