Considering 'human' as the most valuable national assets, we truly believe that only talented people can Create better society, even better 'humanity'. In Sakitama International Academy we made our goal to help such people in their way to success through means of education. We are convicted, that Japan must play a significant part in international affairs, and we are looking for talented people all around the world, to build together a bridge, which would connect Japan and your country. Let's learn and work together in Sakitama International Academy to create our bright future.

Sakitama International Academy, CEO


School locates in Saitama prefecture, calm and pleasant area on the north of Tokyo Greater Area. 
It will take 2 minutes by food to get to school from Gyoda-shi Station of Chichi-bu line, or 15 minutes by bus from the nearest JR station Fukiage. 

Our school is located on calm residential area, where students can try rare among foreigners experience of living in Japanese countryside. Nevertheless, it will take around an hour by public transport to the most famous and bustling areas of Tokyo, as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo Station. 
Also the city of Gyoda is not only residential area, it is a real collection of deeply historical places and traditions. For example, in several minutes of walk from school there are located an ancient tomb Sakitama Kofun and a castle Oshi-jo, which have become a place for Japanese historical movies and tv-shows. Every summer city municipals are holding the Ukishiro Matsuri - it is a local festival of Floating Castle, and it have already became a nice traditions of our school to take part in it together with our students. 
Again, every November the biggest festival of fireworks in Japan is being held in close neighborhood of Gyoda city. Its' firework show have set into Guinness World Records
SIA Sakitama International Academy


Our school building is quite new, so all the facilities are clean and nice. Main building consists of three floors. On the first and second floor, there are eight large classrooms for lessons which also can be used for various purposes, such as personal orientation, supplementary education. There is also school library equipped with wide range of books, suitable for all levels - from the very beginners to advanced students. Students can also use library as study space. 
With a staff room, situated on the first floor, our Academy is practicing a system, where each of the students can easily ask questions any time when staff is on duty. 



In Sakitama International Academy we hold different events and taking part in different local festivals to give opportunity of getting in touch with Japanese culture to our students. 
April Hanami
May Kimono wearing experience 
June Soba noogle making
July Uki-shiro festival
August Climbing Mt. Fuji
October Japanese BBQ
November Halloween party
December Kimono wearing experience
Christmas party
Visiting Tobu Zoo
February Visiting Japanese factory 
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